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IST Silicone Moldable Mouthpiece Black

IST Silicone Moldable Mouthpiece Black

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IST Silicone Black Moldable Mouthpiece.

Moldable Mouthpieces allow divers to custom fit a mouthpiece.
The diver trims the mouthpiece to the desired length, heats it, and then bites down on it to mold it to his unique dental features.
Many divers swear by customizable mouthpieces (the one shown here is IST® Mouthpiece), and claim they are the most comfortable mouthpieces on the market.
However, keep in mind that customizable mouthpieces should not be used on alternate air source regulators, or regulators that are handed off in an emergency to share air with a buddy.
The custom mouthpiece may make breathing from the regulator difficult or impossible for another diver.

IST Silicone Black Moldable Mouthpiece Features.

  • Free storage plug protect regulator from debris and unwelcome guests
  • Attachment protects from debris from getting regulator during storage
  • Offset for both upper and lower jaw Create your own custom mouthpiece to suit your own personal dental profile
  • Less physical exertion is needed when using a second stage equipped with this mouthpiece
  • Fits most standard orifice regulators
  • COLORS: Clear or Black

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