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Cressi Atlantis

Cressi Atlantis

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Cressi Atlantis

This semi-dry suit is made entirely in extremely supple 7 mm Ultraspan neoprene.The watertight plastic Tizip fastener is positioned at the back, from shoulder to shoulder, making the suit easy to put on and take off and ensuring a high level of comfort when fastened.The collar is made from single-lined neoprene glide-skin, which is folded back on itself once the suit is on, thus ensuring perfect sealing and extreme comfort.The seals at the wrists and ankles have double cuffs which allow gloves and footwear to be fitted between the cuffs’ two thin layers of neoprene, thus reducing water infiltrations to a minimum.The suit offers a tailored and anatomical fit and its pre-shaped arms and legs aid the natural position of the limbs.The knee and shin area and the shoulders have large anti-wear inserts.The hood is separate and has smooth neoprene seals around the face and on the neck, as well as the special Cressi Airfree valve that automatically eliminates stale air.This suit is available in two versions, Man and Lady.Who it is forAtlantis is the ideal wetsuit for cold water dives. Its anatomical cut, the plastic Tizip fastener and the Ultraspan material guarantee freedom of movement underwater and make putting the suit on, and taking it off, quick and easy.For deep dives we recommend wearing an under-suit with the Atlantis to increase the thickness of neoprene over the chest area.

Technical characteristics •All-in-one suit in 7 mm double lined neoprene, with separate hood. •Watertight Tizip plastic back zip •Fold down collar in 2.5 mm High Stretch single lined neoprene. •Anatomical cut with pre-shaped arms and legs •Double watertight cuffs at the wrists and ankles •Anti-wear inserts on the knees and shins. •Hood in 5 mm neoprene with seals in single lined neoprene around the face and on the neck and Airfree valve.

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