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Diving Wear
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Aqua Lung Superzip Ergo Boots 5 mm New

Aqua Lung Superzip Ergo Boots 5 mm

Aqua Lung Superzip Ergo Boots 5 mm. The Aqua Lung 5mm Superzip Ergo Boots, Ranging from warm to col..


Cressi Alaska

Cressi AlaskaNewThis semi-dry suit is made entirely in extremely supple 7 mm neoprene (Int/ex N..


Cressi Atlantis

Cressi Atlantis This semi-dry suit is made entirely in extremely supple 7 mm Ultraspan neoprene...


Cressi Boots with Soles

Cressi Boots with SolesThese boots are deigned to be used with open heel fins.They are made from ..


Cressi Castoro Plus, Full Suit 7mm

Castoro Plus (7 mm)One-piece wetsuit for temperate and cold water. The special soft 7-mm Neoprene d..


Cressi Castoro, Full Suit 5mm

Castoro (5 mm) NewThis traditional modular wetsuit in double-lined neoprene is available in men an..


Cressi Core Vest

Cressi Core VestNeoprene two-line 3 mm undersuit vest with practical zip to facilitate donning. A pe..


Cressi Drylastic

Cressi DrylasticNewDry suit for very cold or icy waterComfortable fit and hydrodynamics similar ..


Cressi Logica Wetsuits

Cressi LogicaOne-piece wetsuit for temperate water. Ultraspan neoprene exterior with rubberized neop..


Cressi Med X

Cressi Med XOne-piece shorty in 3 mm double-lined neoprene. Perfect for snorkeling, dives in tropica..


Cressi Morea Wetsuits

Cressi MoreaOne-piece. 3 mm neoprene with Ultraspan ends on the arms and legs. Rubberized neoprene o..


Cressi One Wetsuits

Cressi OneOne-piece suit with long arms and sleeves in very thin 1 mm, double lined neoprene.Rear ..


Cressi Playa

Cressi PlayaHoodless one-piece, with short pants and sleeves, made from 2.5 mm thick double lined ne..


Cressi Spring Wetsuits

Cressi SpringOne-piece suit for mild waters, without hood and with long arms and legs, made from ext..


Cressi Ultraspan Boots

Cressi Ultraspan BootsBoots with non-slip soles are ideal for use with open heel fins.Reinforcemen..