Diving and Snorkeling

Diving and Snorkeling
Diving & Snorkeling
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Cressi Spring Wetsuits

Cressi SpringOne-piece suit for mild waters, without hood and with long arms and legs, made from ext..


Cressi Ultraspan Boots

Cressi Ultraspan BootsBoots with non-slip soles are ideal for use with open heel fins.Reinforcemen..


IST Proline Long Socks 3mm New

IST Proline Long Socks 3mm

IST Proline Long Socks 3mm.Use these socks when you are snorkelling with either open or closed he..


mares Classic Boots NG 5 mm - 482114 New

mares Classic Boots NG 5 mm - 482114

mares Classic Boots NG 5mm - 482114. This 5mm double lined neoprene zip boot has a rubber sole and ..


mares Kona, Two Lense Mask - 411253

Low volume and soft silicone makes this mask easy to clear and extremely comfortable. The simple and..


mares Pioneer, Full Suit 5mm Man - 412329

Where every mm counts!• Backzip Suit • PU printed graphics • Instrument grip on both wrists Best ..


mares Radar

Details for Mares Radar MidMares Radar Mid:The special shape of this mask guarantees a broad fi..


mares Second Skin Wetsuit, Hooded Shorty 1.5 mm Man - 412371 New

mares Second Skin Wetsuit, Hooded Shorty 1.5 mm Man - 412371

mares Second Skin Wetsuit, Hooded Shorty 1.5 mm - 412371 Your real second skin. The underneath sh..


mares Sporasub

Product Description Mask created specifically for spearfishing and freediving, offering a better fie..


mares Trilastic, Full Suit 1mm Man - 412964

Stirrups equipped for secure placement Protects almost your entire body surface, be it from aggressi..


mares Vizeer

Mares Vizeer Mask is a new two lens mask with an extremely wide field of vision Mares R&D and De..


mares X Vision Liquidskin, Two Lense Mask - 411045

A revolutionary new design delivers an even more attractive and high-performance X-vision scuba mask..


Poseidon Black Line, Single Lens Mask - 0720160

Designed to easily view Heads Up DisplayHigh performance and high style are combined in the new Po..


Poseidon Phantom, Two Lenses Black Mask - 0720001

Poseidon's Dual Lens Phantom Mask is designed for Best Possible Viewing Area. The Phantom with its R..


Scuba Pro Frameless

THE FRAMELESS A SCUBAPRO CLASSICVenerated mask continues to attract admirers from all corners of t..