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Cressi Ocean Eyes

Cressi Ocean Eyes

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Cressi Ocean EyesSKU: CSBMO EAN retail barcodes: 8022983034300 Item model number: ADS332050Details for Cressi Ocean Eyes 2Cressi Ocean Eyes 2:Another first for Cressi in the field of masks. Ocean Eyes, extensively covered by patents, takes advantage of all the most concepts introduced in advance by the Cressi masks: raked, inverted drop lenses, very small inner volume, extremely good downward vision and fantastic comfort. Furthermore, Ocean Eyes incorporates a brand new quick-release dismantling system for the lenses, which can be replaced with prescription lenses to correct visual defects. You only need a few moments and three simple operations to assemble your tailored prescription lens mask. The adjustment buckles on the strap are attached to the frame with a new (and patented) part made from flexible elastomer, which prevents the buckles or the actual frame from breaking so you can adjust the strap instantly with just a simple pressure from a finger. This system also prevents the skirt from being deformed, a possibility on models that incorporate the strap buckle in the actual skirt. Another pleasant addition is the possibility of instantly replacing the whole strap and buckle combination for rapid on-the-spot replacement, or to choose your favourite colour combination.POSSIBILITY OF MOUNTING OPTICAL LENSES ALSO BIFOCAL. Correction -1.0 } -6.00. DI 330010 - DI 330080 SYMMETRICAL LENSES.All the avant-garde technology developed by Cressi in the mask sector has been applied to a model that has been specifically created for the application of prescription lenses.Ocean Eyes, which is fully covered by patents, benefits from all the most modern concepts that were exclusively introduced by Cressi masks, such as the raked, inverted drop shaped lenses, the reduced internal volume, the extreme downward visibility and fantastic comfort.What is more, Ocean Eyes incorporates an unprecedented system for the quick removal of the lenses which can then be replaced by prescription lenses to correct any sight defects. In just a few seconds and with three simple operations you can assemble your own personalised prescription lens mask. The adjustment buckles on the strap are fixed to the rigid headband using a new (and patented) element in flexible elastomer which prevents the buckles or the headband itself from breaking, thus allowing instant adjustment of the strap with the simple pressure of a finger. With this system any deformation of the skirt, a possibility on models that incorporate the strap buckle into the skirt itself, is also avoided. Another handy new feature is the possibility of instantly removing the entire strap, complete with buckles, to replace it on-the-spot or to create your favourite colour combination.About Cressi Ocean Eyes MaskAll the Avant-Garde Technology developed by Cressi in masks has been applied to the Ocean Eyes, specifically targeting a mask with optical Diopter lenses (see SKU: CSBMLOE Corrective Lens) Cressi has put all the unique features, such as the Raked, Inverted Tear Drop Shaped Tempered Glass Lenses, the Reduced Internal Volume, the Extreme Downward Visibility and Fantastic Comfort into the Ocean Eye Mask Ocean Eyes incorporates an unprecedented system for the quick removal of the lenses which can then be replaced by Diopter Lenses to Improve Vision Underwater In just a few seconds and with three simple operations you can assemble your own personalized corrective lens mask You can choose from -1 to -6 Diopters with increments of 0 5The Ocean Eyes doesn't stop there with its quality The Mask Skirt is made from Black or Clear Hypoallergenic Soft Liquid Silicone with a Double Feather Edge, a material that offers Extraordinary and Unprecedented Comfort and Fit Mask gives an Exceptionally Wide Field of View The Raked Dual Tempered Lenses, with their Inverted Tear Drop Shape (Cressi patent), rest as close to the eyes as possible, so that the already extraordinary field of view is increasedThe Silicone Mask Strap is a Wide Split Strap for even dispersion of pressure on the face for increased Fit and Comfort The Pressure Buckles are easily adjusted by a pull of the mask strap "you can hear them click"; by placing pressure with your thumbs behind the buckle you can easily pull the mask from your face in a smooth and non-stressful manner Mask has an Easy-to-Reach One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization which can be utilized even when wearing thick gloves To protect your mask when not in use the Ocean Eyes comes with a Hard Plastic Protective Mask Box Mask comes in 2 color choices of All Black or Clear/Black and is covered by a 12 month limited warrantyClick here to see a Video with Installation Instructions for the Corrective LensesThe Cressi Ocean Eyes Mask is commonly used for Snorkeling and more. The Cressi Ocean Eyes Mask is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Cressi Ocean Eyes Mask: Lens Quality, Range of Vision.Technical features • Type: two lens mask • Versions: transparent silicone, black silicone • Materials: liquid silicone, techno-polymers, elastomers • Strap buckles: pressure, with instant adjustment • Internal volume: very low • Prescription lenses: from -1 to -6 dioptres with intervals of 0.5 dioptresBoxed-product dimensions: 10cm x 12cm x 20cm Product weight: 0.30 Kg.Age: Adult Lenses: 2 Skirt: Black,Clear Face shape: Wide faceCressi Ocean Eyes Mask Features •Cressi Ocean Eyes Mask •Avant-Garde Cressi Technology •Optical Diopter Lenses Option: (see SKU: CSBMLOE Corrective Lens). •Easy Install Diopter Lens System •Better Vision Underwater! •Raked, Inverted Tear Drop Shaped Tempered Glass Lenses •Reduced Internal Volume •Extreme Downward Visibility •Fantastic Comfort •Black or Clear Hypoallergenic Soft Liquid Silicone Skirt •Double Feather Edge for Great Fit •Exceptionally Wide Field of View •Wide Split Design Silicone Mask Strap •Easy Adjust Pressure Buckles •Easy-to-Reach One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization •2 Color Choices: All Black or Clear/Black •Hard Plastic Protective Mask Box •1 Year Limited WarrantyCressi Ocean Eyes Mask Specifications Window Style2 Front MaterialsSkirt & Strap: Silicone Rubber Tempered GlassYes VolumeLow Available in the Following Colors:All Black, Black, Blue, Yellow Mask BoxYes

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