CRESSI Gara Modular LD Long Freediving Full Foot Fins

New CRESSI Gara Modular LD Long Freediving Full Foot Fins

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CRESSI Gara Modular LD Long Freediving Full Foot Fins.

The Gara Modular LD is an improvement of the CRESSI Gara Modular, which put the advanced technologies involved in their manufacture to deliver unmatched performance. This is the LD (Long Distance) version made from thermoplastic material, softer and much more efficient. Its ideal for divers and swimmers who value deeper customization in their underwater experience, the CRESSI Gara Modular LD fins offers comfort, durability, and power at the very top of the game. Easy forward propulsion is attained at every kick, which does not fatigue your feet or muscles and so you can cover long distances. An interchangeable blade which is very lightweight and reactive and also well-adapted for the most demanding of free-diving use.
The original blade is made of high-modulus propylene (2500 Mpa). It has lifelong warranty and highly elastic return. It incorporates two little antiskid spoilers on the final area. The decreasing thickness section (from 4mm to 2mm) causes the highly progressive tonnage eliminating the skid tendency, because the first half of the set is more rigid and the final half is more flexible.
The foot pocket’s volume has been revised after deep anatomic studies, it become wider than the other gara fin models. We suggest to use it with neoprene socks in order to have a proper fit.
The new foot pocket combines two materials, a thermoplastic rubber with high hardness (shore 90), flexible but inelastic and really resistant according to the nerves, to the whole foot pocket’s sole and to the exclusive strap over the instep aimed to make the effort transmission to be immediate without dissipate in rubbery compositions.
The instep incorporates on the middle a self adjusting 2 cm wide strap, which allows a slight expansion (from 2 to 4mm depending on the size) to fit in people who have high instep or also in case of using thick foot pockets. The expansion has been thoroughly balanced to avoid damaging the energy transmission.
The other foot pocket’s part (grey area) has a flexible composition shore 50º to obtain the maximum comfort. This material is extended alternatively on the heel area to play the non-slip key role when we walk on a boat or on rocks.

CRESSI Gara Modular LD Long Freediving Full Foot Fins Features

  • Designed for Free Divers
  • Long Flexible Plastic Blade Material
  • Fin Blade Materials: Propylene Blade (2500 Mpa)
  • Fin Foot Pocket Materials: Hard Shore Plastic (90) & Rubber
  • Easier to Kick for Longer Use
  • Versatile Fin for Spear Fishing, Free and Scuba Diving
  • LD Stands for Long Distance
  • Increasingly Powerful Fins, with Less-Demand
  • Less Muscle-Effort is Required for Kicking
  • Leg Fatigue Reduced
  • Softer-Blade Great in Cold Water
  • Cold Water is Notorious for Stiffening Fin Materials
  • Excellent Choice for the Experienced Free Divers or for Entry-Level Diver
  • Allows New Divers to Develop Stamina, Later using Stiffer Blade Once they Develop Leg Muscles
  • Flexible, Lightweight Design with Custom Fitting Foot Pocket
  • Soft Elastomer Foot Pocket that Anatomically Wraps Around the Foot
  • Guarantees Perfect Transmission of Leg-Fin Thrust
  • Durably Constructed and Designed to take Abuse
  • Color: Green

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