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CRESSI Sigma Semi Dry Snorkel

CRESSI Sigma Semi Dry Snorkel

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CRESSI Sigma Semi Dry Snorkel.

Super Flexible Snorkel Semi Dry

Simple and compact, the Sigma is easy to pack for warm water vacations and an excellent choice for divers and snorkelers who appreciate the confidence and cleanliness of using their own equipment. An upper splash guard drastically reduces water entry from waves, and a clever drainage well collects water that does enter so it can be quickly expelled without interfering with breathing.
New tube of harmonious design with predominance of completely clear and transparent components.
Side discharge bucket and discharge valve with silicone elliptical diaphragm protected to avoid sand entrance.
It’s polyvalent so it can be used both on the left and on the right sides of the face.
It has a very flexible silicone anatomic nozzle, transparent or dark, interchangeable with the regulator. Also, it’s provided with a great section of air entrance nozzle and oversized pins of orthodontic design.
Superior anti-splash deflector that reduces accidental water entrance due to the waves, with design studied to avoid damaging the ventilation flow.
It’s an elliptical tube of progressive section in anti-breaking flexible material. It’s completely transparent with matte embossed insertion of Cressi’s anagram.
The assembly of the different elements (nozzle, windpipe, valve, etc) has been particularly studied to hinder to the maximum possible accidental detachments.

CRESSI Sigma Semi Dry Snorkel Features

  • New Generation splash guard significantly reduces water entry.
  • Ultra Felxible Tube.
  • Flexible lower bore reduces jaw fatigue.
  • Compact shape excellent for packing.
  • Adjustable clip for securing to any mask.
  • High-quality silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and durable.
  • Angled mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue.
  • Lower purge valve allows water to be quickly expelled.
  • Streamlined shape reduces drag while swimming.

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