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New SCUBAPRO Seahawk 2 BCD

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The SCUBAPRO Seahawk 2 is highly improved BCD. This popular all-purpose BCD features a new ergonomic shoulder design with rotating buckles and a new soft reinforced backpack, this makes the new Seahawk 2 much lighter than its previous versions, and extremely easy to fold and pack.
The stainless-steel Super Cinch tank band is positioned a bit lower than before, and an additional hook and loop strap has been added to secure the tank when diving. Other new features include a 50mm waist strap with lightweight cam buckle, redesigned cargo pockets and a new range of airway and valve fittings.
Offering a streamlined shape yet substantial buoyant lift when needed, the SCUBAPRO Seahawk 2 is the perfect choice for divers looking for freedom of movement, comfort and stability when cruising the depths.
To improve maximum fit we add quick release shoulder buckles and adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable sternum strap and waist strap. All these straps are equipped with squeeze-stylequick release buckles for easy donning and doffing.
Ergonomic shoulder design with rotating buckles improves fit, helps distribute the load and enhances stability. Reinforced soft backpack with high-grip tank patch and inner padding add to comfort, reduce overall weight and make it easy to fold and pack. Super Cinch stainless steel tank band system is positioned lower and teamed with a second hook and loop strap to secure the tank for transport and diving. 50mm waist strap with lightweight plastic buckle lets you fine-tune adjustments for a perfect fit. Two large zippered pockets have been redesigned providing lots of cargo-carrying capability. Built-to-last from 1000-denier nylon outer bladder and 420-denier nylon inner, with urethane laminate interior and radio frequency (RF) welded seams for maximum durability and resistance to punctures and abrasion.
High-quality air cell offers a streamlined shape when deflated and substantial buoyant lift when inflated. The BCD provides 24.5 kg of lift in all sizes. Soft neoprene neck roll and padded back pad enhance comfort during long dives.
Quick-release integrated weight pouches secure with low-profile buckles. Two rear trim pouches help create a comfortable swimming position.
Pouches accommodate 5.5 kg each. Two rear trim pockets counterbalance front weights and provide a well-balanced swimming position with 4.54 kg capacity.
Six stainless-steel 40mm D-rings, plus two additional 25mm D-rings for additional gear and instrumentation. BCD weighs 3.58 kg to 3.79 kg depending on size. The SCUBAPRO Seahawk 2 comes with an owner's manual.
BCD comes equipped with a Balanced Power Inflator. SCUBAPRO's BPI, corrugated hose, elbow and low-profile dump valves using the latest technology for full safety and comfort. The BPI is equipped with a cable-activated pull-dump mechanism on the left shoulder. There is a right shoulder and right lower rear over-pressure relief/pull-dump valves, both equipped with pull cords for ease of trimming buoyancy. The BPI comes with a 3/8" threaded low pressure (LP) quick-disconnect hose.

SCUBAPRO Seahawk 2 BCD Features

  • New and Improved Design
  • Integrates Numerous Performance Features Outstanding Comfort and Easy Handling
  • Ergonomic Shoulder Design with Rotating Buckles:
    • Improves Fit
    • Helps Distribute Load
    • Enhances Stability
  • Reinforced Soft Backpack with High-Grip Tank Patch and Inner Padding:
    • Adds to Comfort
    • Reduce Overall Weight
    • Make It Easy to Fold and Pack
  • Retractable Air Bladder: Offers Ultimate Streamlining and Reduces Drag
  • Comfortable Soft Neoprene Neck Roll with Padded Back Pad
  • Air Bladder in Back: Exceptional Freedom of Movement at Chest and Shoulders
  • Robust and Comfortable Back Flotation Jacket
    • Construction:
    • Outer Bladder: Durable 1000-Denier Inner Bladder: 420-Denier Nylon
    • Urethane Internal Laminate Interior
    • Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Seams for Airtight Integrity
  • Scubapro's Balanced Power Inflator Mechanism:
    • Perfect Buoyancy Control
    • High Inflation Speed, Especially at Depth
    • Different Shaped Inflation and Purge Buttons; Easy ID Even in Extremely Low Light or Murky Water
    • Rapid Pull Dump Mechanism with Cable Pull for Easy Deflation
    • 3/8"" Thread LP QD Hose
  • 3-Dump Deflation System:
    • Enables Divers to Dump Air from Variety of Underwater Positions
    • Up-Right Position: Left-or-Right Shoulder Pull-Dumps
    • Right Shoulder Pull Cord or Left Shoulder Integrated Cable Activated Power Inflator Shoulder Dump
    • Inverted Position: Lower Right Rear Pull Dump
  • Harness Assembly:
    • Adjustable Shoulder, Sternum and Waist Straps
    • Shoulder and Sternum Equipped with Squeeze-Style
    • Quick Release Buckles
    • All Improve Fit
    • Easy Donning and Doffing
  • 50mm Waist Strap with Lightweight Cam Buckle
  • Sturdy Super Cinch Stainless Steel Tank Attachment System
  • Second Hook and Loop Strap Secures Tank for Transport and Diving
  • 2-Large Zippered Cargo Pockets
  • Knife Attachment Grommets
  • Multiple Accessory Attachment Points:
    • Six Stainless-Steel 40mm D-Rings
    • Two Additional 25mm D-Rings
    • Great for Additional Gear and Instrumentation
  • Quick-Release Integrated Weight System: 11 kg Capacity
  • Rear Trim Pockets: Non-Releasable 4.5kg Capacity
  • Lift Capacity: 24.5 kg All Sizes
  • Weight: 3.58 kg to 3.79 kg Size Dependent
  • Owner's Manual
  • Color: Black

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