SUUNTO EON Steel Dive Computer with BOOT - USB - Bungee kit

New SUUNTO EON Steel Dive Computer with BOOT - USB - Bungee kit

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SUUNTO EON Steel Dive Computer with BOOT & USB & Bungee kit.

The fully customizable dive computer with a bright color screen, extremely durable construction and mobile connectivity. Made in Finland.


The robust Suunto EON Steel is designed for divers who demand the most of their dive computer. With the extremely durable construction, wide-angle BrightSee™ color screen and multiple gas support, this dive computer is ideal for advanced diving. Customizable features and views add a new dimension to your diving when exploring the blue unknown. Tested in the toughest diving conditions, Suunto EON Steel is your reliable partner in all conditions.

- Fully customizable.
- Superior viewing.
- Robust construction.
- Wireless connectivity.


  • Measurements: 104.6 x 60.5 x 23.1 mm / 4.12 x 2.38 x 0.91 ".
  • Weight: 347 g / 12.24 oz.
  • Bezel material: Stainless steel.
  • Glass material: Xensation Glass.
  • Case material: Composite.
  • Strap material: Elastomer.
  • Product Code: SS020305000.
  • What's in the box?: Suunto EON Steel, USB Cable, Quick Guide, Legal leaflet, Protective boot, Display scratch guard sticker, Bungee adapter and cord.
- Customize features with Suunto CustomDisplay™ in Suunto DM5.
- Classic, graphical and prominent view styles.
- Use with strap or bungee.

- Wide-angle BrightSee™color screen.
- High contrast color screen with large numbers.
- Always-on LED backlight.
- Visually intuitive, consistent presentation.
- Flip display.

- Brushed stainless steel bezel.
- Highly durable Xensation™ glass.
- Robust mechanical construction.
- Extensively tested and built to last.
- Guaranteed to 150 m depth.
- Rechargeable battery (20-40 hours of dive time with one charge).

- Wireless tank pressure readings from up to 10 Suunto Tank PODs.
- Connect over Bluetooth to Suunto app to keep a dive log and share your adventures.
- Plan and customize easily with Suunto DM5.

- Gauge/Air/Nitrox/Trimix/CCR (fixed point).
- Suunto Fused™ RGBM for maximizing dive time.
- No-decompression dive planner.
- Tilt compensated 3D digital compass.
- User-updatable software.

SUUNTO EON Steel Dive Computer Technical Specifications.

Bezel material: Stainless steel.
Glass material: Xensation Glass.
Case material: Composite.
Strap material: Elastomer.
Weight: 347 g / 12.24 oz.
Water resistance: 150 m (ISO 6425, EN 13319).
Battery type: rechargeable lithium-ion.
Firmware upgradable: Yes.
Time, date: Yes.
Stopwatch timer: Yes.
Languages EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, ZH.
Backlight: LED.
Display type: color TFT.
Display resolution: 320 x 240.
Battery indicator: icon + dive hours remaining.
Metric and imperial units: Yes.
Flip display: Yes.
Configurable backlight: Yes.

In time mode: 2 months.

Connectivity (between devices): inductive (Tank Pod), Bluetooth Smart.
Compatible with DM5: Yes.
Log transfer: Bluetooth Smart / USB cable.
Smartphone compatibility: Most common models supported, check here for detailed compatibility list.
Compatible with Suunto app: Yes.

Digital compass: Yes.
Tilt compensation: up to 45°.
Direction scale: degrees.
Needle: compass rose.
Globally balanced: Yes.
Compass accuracy: +/- 15°.
Compass resolution: 1°.
Declination correction: Yes.
Bearing lock with direction indicator: Yes.

Operating temperature: 0° C to +40° C / +32° F to +104° F.
Storage temperature: -20 ° C to +50 ° C / -4° F to +122° F.
Recommended charging temperature: 0° C to +35° C / +32° F to +95° F.

Maximum operating depth (EN 13319): 80m.
Trimix (mixed gas): Yes.
Nitrox (and air): Yes.
Gauge: Yes.
Dive time: 0 to 999 min.
Surface time: 0 to 100 h.
No fly time: Yes.
Safety Stop: Yes.
Deep Stop: Yes.
Ascent time display: 0 - 199 min (-- after 199).
CNS/OTU (OLF) calculation: Yes.
Decompression model: Suunto Fused™ RGBM.
Custom displays: 4 per dive mode.
Visual style: Classic/Graphical/Prominent.
Altitude adjustment: 0 - 300 m / 300 -1500 m / 1500 - 3000 m.
Gases: up to 10 gases (Oxygen 5 - 99% / Helium 0 -95%).
Gas max pO2: manual 0.5 - 1.6 / fixed 1.6.
Gas switching: Yes.
Timer: Yes.
Logbook memory: 200 h.
Logbook bookmarks: Yes.
Logbook sampling rates: 10 s.
Dive History: lifetime.
Personal adjustment: P+2, P+1, P0, P-1, P-2.
Wireless air integration: optional (up to 10 different tanks with Suunto Tank POD).
Rebreather (CCR), fixed point: Yes.
Gas time: Yes.
Gas consumption (real-time): Yes.
No-decompression planner: Yes.

Dive time: Yes.
Maximum depth: Yes.
Tank pressure: Yes.
High pO2 (hyperoxic): Yes.
Low pO2 (hypoxic): Yes.
Too fast ascent: Yes.
Decompression ceiling violation: Yes.
Deepstop violation: Yes.
CNS/OTU (OLF) 80% / 100%: Yes.
Switch gas (better gas is available): Yes.
Gas time: Yes.
Diluent switched automatically: Yes.
Diluent high pO2: Yes.
Diluent low pO2: Yes.
ICD warning: Yes.

Diluents: up to 10 diluents (Oxygen 5 - 99% / Helium 0 - 95%).
Bailout: Yes.
High/low setpoints: Yes.
Custom setpoint: Yes.
Manual/automatic setpoint switching: Yes.

Temperature: Yes.
Temperature resolution: 1° C / 1.5° F.
Temperature display range: -20 to +50 °C/-4 to +122 °F.

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