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Cordura 1000 Denier on the outside panel and 500 Denier on the inside. Cordura is more resistant to erosion caused by
The waist strap is independent of the air bladder and cummerbund. This means the strap can be tightened while the jacketInflator with double air filtration system; under the hose connection stem and around the valve. Easily disassembled for small cleaning operations.
Backpack as small and compact as possible for exceptional lightness. Ultra-durable and semi-flexible. Thermoplastic rubber damper for enhanced tank anchoring.
Double Axillary Straps: Comfortable unisex design, leaving the chest area completely free. Fastex 40mm axillary buckles.
Reinforced anchoring flap for inflator hose.
Integrated pressure gauge compartment.
Integrated octopus compartment.

CRESSI Start BCD Features

  • The air bladder combines Cordura© 1000 Deniers on the outside, pockets and shoulder pads and 500 Deniers on the inside.
  • The pressure gauge and octopus anchoring systems are integrated, which is especially useful for dive centers.
  • Large capacity pockets with large handle zippers and Velcro.
  • Waist strap independent of the air bladder to prevent constriction when inflated.
  • Chest strap.
  • Very light and durable semi-rigid backpack.
  • Size shown on right shoulder pad.
  • Shoulder pad cover open at the bottom for doubled octopus hose insertion.
  • Direct System with dual air filtration and easy disassembly for emergency cleaning.
  • Extraordinary size/buoyancy ratio thanks to the new design and the spacers installed inside the air bladder: XS 13.3Kg / S 14.3Kg / M 15.3Kg / L 17.3Kg / XL 20.4Kg.

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