CRESSI Reaction Pro Full Foot Fins

New CRESSI Reaction Pro Full Foot Fins

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CRESSI Reaction Pro Full Foot Fins.

CRESSI Reaction Pro full foot non-vented fins which has been developed after the Rondinella.
The CRESSI Reaction Pro fins frame is moulded using three different materials, according to the CRESSI patented system that guarantees surprisingly smooth and powerful kicking.
The first material is comfortable thermo-rubber (elastomer) anatomic, computer-designed foot pocket. The wide-soled foot is very comfortable and outstandingly enveloping thanks to the extensive use of elastomers material. Also, the soles are completely covered in thermo-rubber to give them an excellent grip on boat decks.
The second material is a new dual density (techno polymer) polypropylene which forms the blade, and in coupling with the third silicone-based material creates a channeling effect, which makes a high level of energy to be transferred in both up and down strokes of the kick pattern. The blade is rather long, and has a differentiated thickness - thicker at the front end of the foot, it gets progressively thinner towards the end of the blade.
The CRESSI Reaction Pro Full Foot Fins is designed and commonly used for Recreation diving, SCUBA, Snorkeling, Travel where they will surprise you with their fantastic performance.

CRESSI Reaction Pro Full Foot Fins Features

  • Non-Vented Fin Design
  • Revolutionary Blade Three-Material Design
  • Foot Pocket: Thermo-Rubber Elastomer
  • Blade: Techno-Polymer Polypropylene
  • Channels: Silicone Based Material
  • Patented Foot Pocket Design Increases Blade Area by 20%
  • Dual Density Techno Polymer Blade Provides Power
  • Silicone Based Blade Inserts Provides Channeling
  • Easy, Nearly Effortless Kick
  • Snap Blade for High Efficiency
  • Shock and Abrasion Resistant
  • Soft and Comfortable Foot Pocket
  • Combine's Lightness, Thrust, Comfort and Durability
  • Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors

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